Home Staging

The creativity and work that Alexis did was a key factor to having three offers on our house within a week of being on the market. Alexis was able to work within our budget and help make our house appeal to prospective buyers while still maintaining it as our home to live in. She is amazingly talented and a joy to work with. –F.B., Livingston, NJ

Statistic: Home Gain reports that Home Staging is the second most valuable home improvement a seller can make with a return on investment of as much as 600%.

Home staging takes a home and makes it a highly competitive product that is desirable to a wide market. We love staging, and so do our clients. They realize its value. Staged homes have often sold faster and for more money. The moves are easier. Isn’t that the bottom line? In fact, staging your home may bring you one of the best financial returns around. Why? Because your home will show better and photograph better. It will look great in brochures and on the Internet, which is often the first place it will be seen.

We always say that the way you live in a home is different from the way you sell a home. Decorating is specific to you and your family’s aesthetics and lifestyle. With home staging, we figure out the target market and then create a dream home that is appealing to the widest number of people within that market. We want them to imagine themselves living there. We make the house look its best to emphasize the desirable aspects of the home and downplay those which are less desirable.

We do this with an initial consultation to evaluate the usage of each room, what furniture and accessories you have and what you might need, color, lighting, what needs priority on the “honey do list” and what de-cluttering needs to be done. We then work quickly and efficiently to create a home that is market-ready.

The homes we stage have always done very well on the market with a short turnaround time and a great price. If you don’t want your house to sit on the market with buyers wondering what’s wrong with it, you should absolutely get it staged.

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