Alexis is an extremely talented, creative and cost effective designer. She has an amazing ability to look at a room, assess what changes need to be made based on how she observes the room is used, and then come up with recommendations that are simple, elegant and exactly what’s wanted and needed. She transformed my living room, which was in perfectly good working order, into a warm, cozy, finished-looking room. She did this by asking me a lot of questions about how/when we use the room, looking at what items were already there, and adding details to enhance the look/feel. The other thing that makes Alexis so easy to work with, and so effective, is that she really listens. She has no personal agenda on how a space should look; instead, she is totally committed to creating a space that will work for those who live in it and match their own taste. When you combine this quality with her excellent design and aesthetic sense, you get the ideal design professional. As I have already done with a number of my close friends, I highly recommend Alexis for any design project, big or small. -L.W.

I would highly recommend Alexis Gubbay for any home design or organizational project. Alexis decorated my home office and outdoor back patios. She was extremely organized and thorough and took the time to understand my personal style and needs. It led to a great collaboration that resulted in a wonderful outcome. She presented me with suggestions and choices and guided me in choosing what would be both beautiful and functional. The outcome exceeded my expectations. She is a wonderful person to work with and possesses panache without the pretence! Don’t hesitate to hire her! -J.C.

On a shoe string budget, Alexis stepped into my dull, lifeless bedroom and with a generous ear and a creative heart transformed it to a wonderfully inviting and special space. I must admit, I was hesitant at first because I had never had someone come in my home to do this sort of thing. But she made me feel comfortable and her patience helped me relax. I am so happy I took the step to invite ARG Home Designs to make my bedroom a part of my home and not just another room. -J.B.

Alexis turned my bachelor pad into an incredibly classy and beautiful condo. Her sense of style and her eye for elegance transformed my apartment into something truly spectacular. -M.K.

Alexis is the “Queen of Color!” She knows colors! She also knows how to blend into your life and enrich your environment with a style that is soft, not pushy. She never leaves your side during this transitional journey to a warmer and more beautiful home… She is an honest and fair businesswoman. Alexis is reasonably priced at a time when we all would like to have beauty surrounding us without the high price of pretence and attitude. -K.W.

 Alexis can transform boring to wow! As the designer of Good Grief’s Teen Centre she had some tough critics: teens. Alexis took white walls and brought purple, orange, and other vibrant color and design choices into the space making it fun, funky, and playful. The teens who utilize the Teen Centre love it. Alexis created a space where intimate feelings are shared and lives begin rebuilding. She knew the challenge was great and important, and she surpassed all expectations with her creativity and thoughtfulness. We are grateful for her many design choices and contributions. -Joseph Primo, Associate Executive Director, Morristown, NJ, www.good-grief.org

It was a great pleasure working with Alexis. She is a dream interior designer because she listens to her clients and really works hard to bring their vision to life. She also has a great eye for color and fabric which makes pulling furniture and paint together an easy process. She is a gem. -P.D.

 Alexis has the ideal business to help people like me who don’t have time or always the right eye for home design improvements. I am so pleased with the results – she was able to work with my ideas and my budget, which can be eclectic and fluctuate. She combined my ideas with her own to bring the whole room together in such a nice way and she understands the different considerations – children, pets, durability, style – that come in to play when making purchases required to last more than a few years. We had a great partnership throughout – Alexis continues to suggest additional ideas for introducing ‘pops of color’ or interesting pieces to get those final touches. I highly recommend her and can’t wait for our next project! -S.T.

Alexis helped me update and decorate my home and office. She was a pleasure to work with and helped me find contractors to paint, refinish floors and install carpeting. She has a great eye for color and pattern. Everything looks fabulous! - L.R.

Alexis is truly gifted designer with an abundance of creativity. She transformed my living room and dining room from nice rooms to memorable ones. Her use of color and texture, and her ability to leverage what’s already there, make her the ideal design partner regardless of the size of your project or budget. She is also extremely helpful in designing and organizing rooms that are clutter free and usable. -L.M.